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What are the advantages and disadvantages of betting on badminton?

What is badminton?

Tennis-like racket play is extremely similar to badminton betting. It takes place on a rectangular court with two players (or two couples) facing off against one another.

The primary distinction between it and other racquet sports is that a shuttlecock is used instead of a ball (also known as a feather).

Thanks to Carolina Marn, one of the top players in the world, it is a well-liked sport in Spain. Since the Spanish Badminton Federation was founded in 1985, its history is very recent.

There are three types of doubles: mixed; male and female singles; and male and female doubles.

What are the badminton rules?

Even if the schedule (or match day) or venue changes, all wagers will still be considered valid. Except for bets where the result has already been known or if there is no possible way the match or game could have been played to completion, all wagers shall be void if a match begins but is not finished. without presumptuously predicting how a certain market will behave. For instance, if the score is 19-17, the game is called off. Any logical end to the game would have produced at least 38 points, so wagers on plus/minus 36.5 total game points are settled as winners and losers, respectively.

On a player winning a certain point, in-play point bets are available. Bets on a point that isn’t played because the game or match is over are considered void. All wagers on a certain point are worthless if it is given as a penalty point.

Current set’s or the following set’s leader: The team or player who wins the set will be declared the winner if the predetermined number of points is not achieved in the designated set.

Indoor courts are used for this sport. The shuttlecock must be hit with the players’ rackets and sent over the net into the opposing team’s court. A point is awarded to the player who successfully stops the opponent from returning the shuttlecock by hitting the ground or the net.

The best of three sets or games, each with 21 points, is how badminton betting is played. Each game or set must be won by at least a two-point margin, but if a tie occurs at 29 points, the player who receives the 30th point wins the game or set.

Every time a player scores a point, he is responsible for serving in the following one. In split points (or the beginning of sets), the serves are made from the right field; in odd points, they are made from the left field.

The hit must be made below the waist when making the serve. It is a game that has infractions as well, including not hitting the shuttle to serve, touching the net or entering the court of the opponent, yelling or gesturing in the opponent’s face, etc.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of betting on badminton?

Depending on the user’s level of expertise, betting on badminton can appear to be either very complicated or very simple. It is a strange sport, and betting on it has benefits and drawbacks. We can highlight the following starting with the benefits.

Bookmakers have less information

Being a small sport, there is significantly less information online, making it more challenging to manage all the facts pertaining to a game. In general, the match’s statistics and the players’ previous encounters serve as the only factors used to determine the odds.

Finding information that bookies do not have is therefore simpler than in other sports (physical or mental state of players, injuries, etc.).

Live bets available

The majority of bookies that provide badminton betting odds also offer live betting, which is a benefit of the sport. This will enable you to watch the game and the score live and to make predictions based on the game’s progress in real time.

Video streaming of the match

Numerous badminton betting online matches are streamed live by some bookies, including Bet365. This is unquestionably a fantastic advantage because it enables you to see and closely follow the game while also noting important information for your wagers.

However, badminton betting online has some drawbacks when it comes to sports betting, just like any other sport. Here are a handful of them.

Little offer in bookmakers

In addition to having fewer betting options than other well-liked sports like tennis, not all bookies allow badminton betting sites.

No long term bets

Unlike other popular sports, this one does not provide long-term wagers on players making it to the final or competition winners.

Lower odds

Bookmakers provide less competitive odds because they have fewer information. The payout (profit margin) in badminton is bigger than in other sports where they do have more information and tighter probability since their probabilities are not as tight as those of other sports.

What are the best Badminton Betting Tips?

It’s crucial to keep in mind some additional advice while creating online badminton betting sites predictions as well as the game’s rules.

Consider the badminton court’s circumstances. Altitude, humidity, and temperature on the court can have an impact on both the players and the shuttlecock’s speed, even when the game is played in a private setting. The shuttlecock moves more quickly in warm temperatures than it does in low ones.

In some circumstances, the type of shuttlecock being used must also be considered. The nylon feather shuttle, which is used in amateur competitions, is less accurate and aerodynamic than the goose feather shuttle (used in professional tournaments).

There will be certain players who adjust better than others in light of all this. High temperatures, humidity, and a quick midfielder will be advantageous to players that want to attack and play quickly, while slower-moving, more defensive players will seek out the opposite.

You must consider the personalities of the players in connection to them, such as how they react when things don’t go their way and whether they tend to bounce back or lose their cool and abandon the game.

Additionally, you should make an effort to find the best odds available among various bookies, as there may be observable variations. In relation to this, it’s also a good idea to evaluate every market that’s out there and select the one that best fits your match analysis.

What are the Badminton bet types?

As with any other sport, there are numerous bets and markets available at bookmakers. However, badminton has a slightly more limited offer.

Match winner

Just wager on who will prevail in the game. There are only two wagers that can be made because there is no chance of a tie: pair 1/pair 2 or player 1 or player 2.

Total points

It involves placing a wager on whether the final score will be greater or less than X points, with a line being offered. There are numerous point lines accessible (depending on which bookmaker).


It is bet with a negative or positive handicap imposed to the sets when there is an advantage or disadvantage. A player with a -1.5 handicap is predicted to win by two sets (2:0), whilst a player with a +1.5 handicap is predicted to lose by no more than one set.

Betting on the game

Every game has a betting option available. Whether it’s the winner, the total points, the handicaps, the winning margin, or the points race… You can only bet on the game that is listed in this circumstance.

Correct marker

Applied to sets or games, you can bet on the exact result of the match. There are only four possible options – 2:0, 2:1, 1:2 or 0:2.

Player totals

Here, you will bet on the total number of points that a certain player receives over the entire match, all games or sets.

Combined bets

It consists of combining bets from several matches, mainly the winners of the match. They are used to raise the odds for bets that we believe have a high probability of winning.

What are the best Badminton Betting Strategies?

As we previously stated, badminton is an unusual sport about which not much is available online. As a result, some techniques have the potential to be quite intriguing.

Combination bets are critical in this sport because there is no way for a tie to occur and the player odds frequently change significantly: Since players might make mistakes and drop a set, it can occasionally be more entertaining to wager on the combined victory of two or three players than on their assigned handicaps.

You can also utilize other alternate markets, such as their total match points, total point totals, or correct score, when you think a player will win easily.

Informational method, though, is unquestionably more intriguing. Attempt to outwit the bookmakers by researching as much information as you can about each game and player. Social networks may be helpful in this case so that users are aware of excursions, sessions, or adaption.

In addition to logically, keep track of the players and competitions. It is an individual (or team) sport, thus each player’s physical condition can be important. There are some little competitions in which experts don’t give it their all (and save strength or train for the big events).

A smart way to assess how each player has adapted to the track is to watch the wagers being placed live via streaming.

How to choose the best bookmaker for badminton?

When selecting the top bookmaker, several aspects are taken into consideration. Making sure the bookmaker has a DGOJ license and is therefore legitimate in Spain is the key and most crucial element.

The next stage will depend on your priorities: if you want a site with the most markets, live streaming, or live betting, or, on the other hand, a site with good supplemental services like a range of payment options, comprehensive customer support, or a mobile app.


Sportium has a limited number of markets for badminton betting, but it is still a great choice because it allows users to watch some matches live through Sportium TV.

Additionally, it offers live betting and a big selection of sports and contests. All of this is enhanced by its extra services, which include a mobile app, a wide range of payment options, excellent customer support, Cash Out, etc.


The best badminton odds can definitely be found at Marathonbet. This bookmaker’s main selling point is its competitive odds, but it also features a great selection of Badminton matches and events, live betting, and handicap markets.

Marathonbet also offers handicap bets, although the majority of bookies only offer match winner wagers.

Additionally, it provides a variety of great features, including a mobile app, Cash Out, Edit Bet, and multiple payment options.


Without a doubt, the top badminton bookmaker is Bet365. It is the one that provides the most markets (more than 20) for each game, the most comprehensive selection of events, live streaming for a large number of games, and live betting on every game.

In addition to all of this, it also offers a mobile app, Cashout, a variety of payment options, etc.

Valuation of the bets

The results provided by the supplier or official website of the relevant competition or match will be used to value the bets. We shall employ independent evidence to settle wagers if these are unavailable or if there is strong evidence that the official scores provided contain errors. If there is significant contradicting data or a lack of reliable, consistent proof, bets will be decided using our own statistics.